Limited parking is available in the Taft’s onsite garage for guests visiting the Museum. If the garage is full, there are parking meters available across the street from the Museum, as well as garages close by. Cars left onsite or overnight will be towed.

The front gates and garage open at 10:45 a.m.
The Museum doors open at 11 a.m.


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Parking Alternatives West of the Museum, Closer to Downtown

ABM Queen City Square
303 E 4th Street (bet. Broadway St – Sycamore St)
Rates Vary

ABM First Financial Center
406 Main Street (bet. E 4th St-E 5th St)
Rates Vary

Eagle Reality – Broadway Garage
306 Broadway St (bet. E 3rd St-Arch St)
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Indoor Garage – Self-Park – Cash Only

Parking Alternatives East of / Behind the Museum
Both lots are outdoor lots, self-park / rates vary

Parking Company of America
558 Culvert St (bet. E 5th St – Sentinel St)
541 Eggleston Ave (bet. E 5th St – Sentinel St)
514 E 5th St (bet. Culvert St – Eggleston Ave)

Tri-State Parking Lot 5E
468 Culvert St (bet. E 4th St-E 5th St)
415 Eggleston Ave (bet. E 4th St-E 5th St)

For use with a Smartphone – locate nearby garages and see competitive parking rates – pay meters from your smartphone – update information on Downtown
road construction and street closures