Lindner Family Café

See the current menu inspired by Picturing the West: Masterworks of 19th-Century Landscape Photography. 

Try our festive brunch menu inspired by the holidays and Antique Christmas!

Stop in for a bite to eat or a glass of wine at the Lindner Family Café.
Host a private/corporate lunch at the Taft. We are able to accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free diets. Please ask your server for recommendations. For reservations, call (513) 352-5140.

Café open Wednesday–Friday: 11 a.m.–2 p.m.Garden Table
Saturday and Sunday, open 11 a.m.–3 p.m.
Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Current Café Menu

Quiche du Jour      11.00
The Taft’s famous quiches change
daily – ask your server

Daily selection of soups
cup   3.50   |   bowl   5.50

Pick Two:
soup, sandwich, or side salad       10.00

Cup of soup, side salad, or choice
of tuna or chicken salad on a soft roll

Anna Sinton       9.00
A classic salad of mixed greens with
tomatoes, English cucumbers, red onions,
and balsamic vinaigrette

Add chicken to any salad      3.00

Children’s Selections

Grilled cheese with cheddar       4.00
Peanut butter & jelly

Choice of apple juice box or milk

Current Exhibition Special Market Price
Our constantly changing exhibitions act as an inspiration for our culinary staff.
Please ask your server how our new show has influenced our chef.

The Three Sisters     12.00
Vegan stew of squash, beans, and corn, with sweet potatoes, mild green chiles, and sage

The Mandarin Salad     12.00
Water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, carrots, mandarin oranges, and crispy noodles on mixed greens

Longhorn Brisket     13.00
Smoked beef brisket, Texas toast, Big Bubba’s barbecue sauce, and creamy coleslaw

John Chapman Salad     12.00
Dried apples, apple-smoked bacon, and sunflower seeds on field greens with house dressing

Shinnecock Succotash Salad     12.00
Mixture of sweet peppers, red onion, lima beans, and corn over field greens with our house dressing

Campfire Rice and Beans     11.00
A duet of slowly simmered red and black beans over rice


Iced tea, hot tea, coffee, lemonade              2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger ale             2.00
Perrier                                                               3.00

Glass          8.00                                           Bottle   29.00
White: Jadot Steel Chardonnay, Nicolas Idiart Sancerre,
Triennes Sainte Fleur Viognier
Red: Dauvergne-Ranvier Cote du Rhone Rouge,
Nicolas Idiart Pinot Noir
Sparkling:  Gratien Meyer Brut Crémant De Loire

Guinness                         5.00
Landshark Lager           4.00

Champagne/Mimosa                   8.00                                     

Please ask your server about our seasonal desserts,
including homemade and local selections.

Bread service available upon request.

Please note: one check is issued for parties of 8 or more
with an automatic gratuity of 20% added