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AEQAI: The Great Change
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Dayton Daily News: Costumes of “Downton Abbey” showcased at Taft Museum
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WVXU: 36 Costumes From “Downton Abbey” Coming To The Taft Museum Of Art
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Ohio Magazine: Dressing Up and Down
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Cincinnati Enquirer: ‘Downton Abbey’ comes to Cincinnati
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WKRC: #DressingDownton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times exhibit to open at Taft Museum
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WCPO: ‘Downton Abbey’ fashion exhibit: Take a look inside ‘Dressing Downton’ at the Taft Museum of Art
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WCPO: Get your monocle out: 9 things to look for at the Taft’s ‘Downton Abbey’ fashion exhibit
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Art Daily: Works by Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh on view at Scottish National Gallery
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The Wall Street Journal: A Monet Mentor’s Moment
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The New York Times: Rediscovering Daubigny, an Unsung Influence on the Impressionists
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Cincinnati Enquirer: National media touts Taft’s ‘Impressions of Landscape’
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Real Clear Arts: Critical Takeaways From The Taft’s Daubigny Show
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The Culture Trip: Charles François Daubigny: The Forgotten Impressionist
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Ohio Magazine: First Impressions
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Sophisticated Living Cincinnati: Lynne Ambrosini and the Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh Exhibit
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CityBeat: Taft’s Daubigny Show: The Irony and the Estacy
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River City News: We Get an Inside Look at the Incredible Impressionist Exhibit at the Taft Museum
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Aeqai: On the Verge: Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh: Impressions of Landscape at Taft Museum of Art
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WKRC: Taft Museum of Art opens new Impressionism exhibit
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WCPO: Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh in blockbuster exhibit at the Taft
Read More Important 19th century landscapist subject of long overdue international survey exhibition
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Quite the impression: Daubigny gets his due, finally
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WVXU: A Rare Exhibit Of Outstanding Impressionist Landscapes Coming To The Taft Museum Of Art
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My Dayton Daily News: ‘Downton Abbey’ costume exhibition coming to Cincinnati
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CityBeat Cincinnati: Museums, Galleries Have Big 2016 Plans
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Washington Post: Travel news: New Guilt Site, Downton Show, Taipei Design
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Seattle Times: ‘Downton Abbey’ costumes go on tour
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CityBeat Cincinnati: The Best Art Exhibits of 2015
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CityBeat Cincinnati: Year in Review: Visual Arts
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CityBeat Cincinnati: Historicism in Paint
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Cincinnati Magazine: From Haiti With Love
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Cincinnati Enquirer: ‘Heroism in Paint:’ Lawrence show comes to Taft
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Cincinnati Enquirer: More people flock to arts than Bengals
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Cincinnati Enquirer: 5 art openings not to miss this fall
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh in Taft’s pioneering show
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The Huffington Post: Sargent, LinkedIn and the Right to Fame.
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CityBeat: The Past is the Present at Taft Museum’s Curtis Show
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AEQAI: Vanishing Point: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Edward S. Curtis
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Cincinnati Enquirer: New Taft artist-in-residence: Poetry can heal
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CityBeat: Evolution of an Artist: Large-scale public art projects push painter Jonathan Queen to continue evolving
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Cincinnati Enquirer: From ‘Downton’ to Taft: Costume show heads to Cincinnati
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WCPO: ‘Downton Abbey’ costume exhibit coming to Cincinnati’s Taft Museum of Art
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Don’t miss ‘Enduring Spirit’ at the Taft
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Aeqai: Carol Ann’s Carousel: Ready for a spin
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Cincinnati Enquirer: It’s art season in Cincinnati. Don’t miss these events
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CityBeat: Slow Art Day
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Cincinnati Enquirer: How long can you look at this piece of art?
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Museums: Take the selfie, leave the stick – sometimes
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Aeqai: The Idler and the Crowd: “Wild West to Gilded Age: American Treasures from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art”
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Critically Acclaimed ‘Mr. Turner’ makes Cincy debut
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft exhibit offers artistic versions of American past
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Ohio Magazine: East Meets West
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft Painting on loan to John Singer Sargent exhibition
Read more Timothy Paul Brown named Director of Education at Taft Museum of Art
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Cincinnati Enquirer: ‘Mr. Turner’ movie puts focus on Cincinnati paintings
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Aeqai: Modernist Directions and Misdirections: “Paris Night & Day: Masterworks of Photography from Atget to Man Ray”
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Cincinnati Business Courier: Cincinnati arts groups get federal funds
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Cincinnati Enquirer: 7 Cincinnati arts groups get $165,000 from NEA
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The River City News: Northern Kentucky Collectors of Early Black & White Photos Part of Taft Museum Exhibit
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365 Cincinnati: Paris Night & Day at the Taft Museum of Art
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Lindsey Riehl named Director of Development
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Tuesdays at the Taft
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The News Record: Paris comes to Taft Art Museum through photos
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The River City News: Romantic: Photos of Paris in Night & Day from the Early & Mid 20th Century on Display at the Taft
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Last days for Kehinde Wiley portraits at Taft
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Milwaukee photographer named Taft Duncanson resident
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Cincinnati Enquirer: PBS Whistler documentary features Taft painting
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft swaps paintings with British museum for 1 year
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Aeqai: Kehinde Wiley at The Taft Museum of Art
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Sunset paining, now at Taft, on new postage stamp
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CityBeat: Kehinde Wiley Revisits Race and the Renaissance
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft Museum announces 3 new exhibitions for 2015-16
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Thomas Cole’s ‘Voyage of Life’ flows on at Taft Museum
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Aeqai: Turning the Leaf: America’s Eden: Thomas Cole and “The Voyage of Life”
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft exhibition is story of serendipity
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Rembrandt painting is back home at Taft
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CityBeat: China’s Last Emperors Wore Some Cool Threads
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Slow down to see art with fresh set of eyes
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CityBeat: Slow Art Day
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Embroideries in Threads of Heaven at the Taft are Divine
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft Museum puts new Duveneck acquisition on exhibit
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Aeqai: Threads of Heaven
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Cincinnati Enquirer: A tour of Taft’s ‘Monuments’
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Cincinnati Magazine: Bow Down to the Bling
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WNKU: The Taft Museum of Art to wrap up “Civil War Saturdays” this weekend
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CityBeat: Museum Series Engages Art Lovers Who Have Alzheimer’s
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AEQAI: Deconstructing America: Telling Tales: Stories and Legends in 19-Century American Art
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Cincinnati Herald: Diane Macklin named 2013 Duncanson artist-in-residence
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CityBeat: Early American Art Is ‘Telling Tales’ at the Taft
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft Museum’s exhibit delves into 19th Century
Read more Arts, cultural groups plan big WWI tribute
Read more Taft Museum: New exhibit tells old stories
Read now Taft Museum employee ‘brings collection to life’
As assistant curator at Taft Museum of Art, here’s how Tamera Muente spent her summer

CityBeat: Day Trippin’ in the Midwest Art Museum Circuit
One of the best things about being an art lover in Cincinnati is that you have good museums Hawkins’ Taft show focuses on the natural
Read now Taft Museum Announces Upcoming Exhibitions for 2013-2015 Season
Read more Taft plans diverse season
Elaborately embroidered robes from China’s last dynasty, a sneak peek at FOTOFOCUS 2014 and narrative art from the New York Historical Society will be on view during Taft Museum of Art’s next season. Photographic Wonders Elite Event at the Taft Museum of Art
Read more Photography’s birth on view at the Taft Museum
Read more Taft Museum of Art photos
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AEQAI: Pictures and Property: Photographic Wonders: American Daguerreotypes from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Read more Daguerreotypes offer windows to city’s past
New Taft exhibit shows 19th-century glimpses, technology The arts tap into a new source of money
Read more Photographs from the distant past
Today we’re all photographers, snapping away with our cell phones.

CityBeat: Daguerreotypes Come to Life in Taft Show
Daguerreotypes: someone sitting stiffly, right?

Express Cincinnati: Cabaret in the Garden
See page 43

WNKU: Taft Museum of Art Features Daguerreotype Images
Listen here Earliest form of photography comes to the Taft Museum of Art
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WVXU: Daguerreotypes, local and national, on display at the Taft Museum of Art
Listen here Press Preview of Photographic Wonders
Read more Branding the new Cincinnati
LPK stressed the Taft’s extensive, world-class collection while also emphasizing the museum’s accessibility to the public. Photographic Wonders at the Taft Museum
The earliest form of a photograph, a daguerreotype is a singular, unique image that is crafted onto a silvered copper plate. Robert S. Duncanson, Taft Museum of Art
Read more Taft Museum of Art recieves National Endowment for the Arts
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Express Cincinnati: Showcasing Arts and Philanthrophy in the Queen City
See pages 12-15, 25, 27 & 42

CityBeat: Taft Museum House and Grounds Tour
Spring’s balmy warmth always seems like the ideal time for a visit to the Taft Museum of Art. Join the Taft Museum of Art for a Cabaret in the Garden
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The Dater Foundation: Taft Museum of Art and Artists Reaching Classrooms Program
Read more about Artists Reaching Classrooms Program

Ohio Museums Association: Taft Museum Recipient of OMA Awards of Achievement
View a list of the winners

WNKU: Taft Museum of Art Displays Cincinnati Daguerreotypes
Listen to Installing Curator, Tamera Muente, discuss the show with Steve Hirschberg of WNKU Taft Museum of Art displays students’ artwork at Main Library
Read more This Spring at the Taft Museum of Art & Cafe
A Garden Oasis in the middle of Downtown 

Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft Museum earns Best in Show
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WKRC: Taft Museum of Art announces generous gift from the Haile Foundation
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Fox 19: Taft Museum Awarded $100k
Read more Earliest Form of Photography comes to the Taft Museum of Art
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1230 AM The Buzz: Interview with Dr. David Driskell
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Event to welcome art authority
Richard Brettell returns to Cincinnati

Fox 19: President William Howard Taft visits Cincinnati
On the 100th anniversary of leaving office

Cincinnati Herald: Tour Taft Museum’s special exhibition with Chief Curator
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WCPO: Madame Tussaud’s wax William Howard Taft on display!
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Fox 19: Life-sized wax figure of President Taft on display this weekend
Madame Tussauds William Howard Taft visits Cincinnati Hobnob with William Howard Taft April 7
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Fox 19: Chief Curator Lynne Ambrosini talks about African American art since 1950
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WCPO The List: Cobbler’s Apprentice by Frank Duveneck
Watch now African American art since 1950
from The David C. Driskell Center on view at the Taft Museum

The List: Duveneck’s masterpiece is the face of downtown Cincinnati mural
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The Durham News: NCCU museum reception today
New exhibit by former Duncanson Artist-in-Residence

Cincinnati Herald: Taft Museum attracts diverse audience with
Final Friday event

Cincinnati Enquirer: BeauVerre/Riordan glass works are a staple here
Featuring the Taft’s Chief Curator, Lynne Ambrosini

WKRC Local 12: Dr. David Driskell lecture at the Taft Museum of Art
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Cincinnati Enquirer: Showing life ‘Since 1950’
Taft exhibit explores African-American pieces

Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft Museum attracts diverse audience with Final Friday event
Developing community partnerships

Fox 19: 
New exhibit of African American art on display at Taft Museum
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Express Cincinnati: Taft evokes Spain at ‘Perfect Pairings’
Over 130 guest enjoyed this year’s Valentine’s Day wine tasting Immortal Close-Ups
Review by Fran Watson Double Meaning:  “African American Art since 1950:
Perspectives from the David C. Driskell Center” at the Taft Museum of Art

Cincinnati Enquirer: Taft uses art to explore the world
Urban education students ‘visit’ London

Cincinnati Enquirer: African American Art since 1950
Perspectives from the David C. Driskell Center

Cincinnati Enquirer: WCCC thanks business partners
The Taft Museum of Art, which works with students in the WCCC Digital Media Arts satellite program at Kings High School, was the February honoree.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Damaged Chinese porcelain restored and on display
Interview with the Taft’s Assistant Curator for Docent & School Services and exhibition organizer, Jean Graves.

WCPO, ABC Channel 9: Star Power
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City Beat: Taft Museum Creates a Show From Its Fascinating Archives
Pages of History: 80 Years of the Taft

Fox 19: Third Sunday Funday
Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, and Clip 4 Sorting through 80 Years of Taft History
Article by the Taft’s Assistant Curator, Tamera Lenz Muente Straight from the Soul
A Review by Chris Hoeting
*DATE CORRECTION: African American Art since 1950
is on view at the Taft Museum of Art February 15 through April 21,

Cincinnati Enquirer: Art All Around Us
Cincinnati is blessed with a certain richness: its music, its art and architecture, its theater and dance. The Taft Museum of Art partners with American Experience to
Populate the Abolitionist Map of America Download the American Experience Mapping History app which features the Abolitionist map of America. By downloading it for free, you can trace the path of the first civil rights movement that took place in this country as part of the struggle against slavery. Watch the video Enjoy American Experience: The Abolitionists Chapter 1 below.  The rest of the program is available to view on the PBS website.

Watch The Abolitionists on PBS. See more from American Experience.

WKRC Local 12: Antique Christmas featured on So Cincinnati
Watch now

Lucky Magazine: 15 International Fashion Exhibitions to
Visit on Your Winter Vacation

Fox19: Fox19 visits Antique Christmas
View slideshow An Astaire to Remember
The Taft Museum of Art celebrated 80 years of history on Friday, Nov. 2. Spotlight On: Deborah Scott
CEO and Director of the Taft Museum of Art

The New York Times: No ‘Thomas Crown Affair’
Thieves broke into the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam

WVXU: The Taft’s Nancy Huth talks about Star Power: Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography.
Listen now

Cincinnati Enquirer: Bearden’s artwork is melody of color
Each of his rich paintings sings

CNN: People who turned their dreams to reality
A trip to the Taft inspired quilter Kyra Hicks

Cincinnati Enquirer: Touring Bearden exhibition, first to focus strictly on artist’s printmaking
Show explores process, end product

Cincinnati Magazine: Top 5 Events This Week: Jan 23-29?
Impressions and Improvisations: The Prints of Romare Bearden

Ohio Magazine: Universal Appeal
The Taft Museum of Art showcases the collage and printmaking artistry of Romare Bearden.

Get a sneak preview of George Inness in Italy, courtesy of Jackie Demaline at the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Taft offers “taste of intoxications of Italy”

Downtown has a new mural based on the Taft’s Duveneck The Cobbler’s Apprentice, thanks to ArtWorks.
Mural at Banks goes to bat for Duveneck

Jane Durrell offers insight into her CityBeat review of Still[ed] Life. “Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis’ porcelain busts infuse wit and technology.”
Critic’s Pick: Head Games

Jackie Demaline looks at Still[ed] Life, the porcelain objects inspired by works from the Taft Museum of Art’s permanent collection by DAAP teachers Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis.
Art imitating art

Read The Cincinnati Enquirer’s story about this year’s Duncanson Artist-in-Residence program. It’s a triple treat this fall in its 25th year: Jazz violinist John Blake Jr., soprano Adrienne Danrich and Cincinnati singer/songwriter Tracy Walker.
Taft picks three musical Duncanson artists

From an homage to Frank Duveneck to an original C.F. Payne to the spoils of a TED prize, Soapbox offers a glimpse of the newest MuralWorks by ArtWorks that are brightening more than city walls.
Mural, mural on the wall

The Cincinnati Enquirer offers a view of the public art in communities across Greater Cincinnati that ArtWorks’ student apprentices, working alongside professional artists, have created. One mural will be very familiar to Taft visitors!
The city’s their canvas—ArtWorks murals now part of landscape in 30 neighborhoods.

Enjoy the Arts: Hip Tips offers a sneak peek as local contemporary artists exhibit Still[ed] Life: Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis.
Hip Tips: Coming soon to the Taft

Separating fact from legend in the biography of Robert S. Duncanson. From the NY Time article “He spent most of his career in Cincinnati; white patrons there helped pay for his travels in Europe and Canada.” (Foremost among them Nicholas Longworth.)
Condemning Slavery with a Paintbrush

The Banks mural is starting to take shape. See how the work is going on this collaboration between the Taft and ArtWorks.
Mural at the The Banks

The seven Tiffany stained-glass windows on view during In Company with Angels will be the subject of a June 30 documentary showing and book unveiling/signing at the MainStreet Cinema in the University of Cincinnati’s Tangeman University Center.
Book, documentary coming on local Tiffany windows

Showing until September 11, In Company with Angels allows visitors to admire the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s lost masterpieces.
American stained glass windows are gaining renewed interest

Upcoming exibits in Cincinnati celebrate FotoFocus’ 2012 region-wide celebration of photography, and other breathtaking artforms.
2012 Taft season

From Haiti With Love