Brownie and Girl Scout Programs

GS DSCF9962Brownies can work toward the Painting and Celebrating Community badges, and Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts can earn the Taft patch!  Programs are scheduled by appointment, subject to availability.

Sponsor: Charles H. Dater Foundation

Brownie painting badge.
Brownies will explore paintings in the Taft collection, then paint their own still life.

Celebrating Community Badge
Brownies will explore the local landmarks of the Taft Museum and nearby monuments, then work on a banner for their own ceremony.

Taft Patch: House and Gardens of the Taft
Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts will explore the architecture, history and garden of the Taft Museum of Art and create their own building or garden design.

Taft Patch: Art to Wear
Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts will explore the depiction of costumes in paintings in the collection and make their own beaded and macramé creations, and design an outfit for a paper doll.

Charles H. Dater Foundation

$8 per scout (includes Museum admission, supplies, and a resource packet)

FREE for up to two troop leaders  | minimum payment: $80
Reservations required | (513) 684-4517 or

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